Mobile App Development

Smart Phones are taking the world by storm. Smart Phones are now getting smarter day by day, they are now a mobile computer in your hand.

Mobile App Development

Whizminds Innologix utilizes its innovative plan and excellent technological skills in mobile app development and knowledge of integrated systems to define mobile applications and systems that are based on the end customer base, overall business velocity, seamless processes, business intelligence and robust design that stand the test of time. We have a team of developers with an abundance of experience in developing apps for all major mobile operating systems.

Whizminds Mobile Application Development Services

Our android app development team uses technologies

We are always up to date with technology, so you need not worry about iPhone Application Development at all. We offer a proven track record of value-added mobile solutions

Our Mobile app development services:

Whizminds provide a feature rich development environment by offering a rich combination of media support and optimized graphics. Our offshore android application development services are charged affordable

  • Wi-Fi API’s

  • Android media API’s

  • Android Security architecture

  • Open GL

  • 3D Graphics

  • And are always updated with Latest technologies.

  • Windows application development

  • Android application development

  • iOS application development

  • M-Commerce Application Development

  • Location based application development

  • Cross-Platform App Development

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) Application Development

  • PhoneGap Framework

  • News and Entertainment application development

  • Unity 2D & 3D Game Development

  • Xamarin

  • Integration of 3rd party APIs e.g. Maps, Payment Gateways, CRMs etc.

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