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Intellilogs: Solar power plant monitoring system

Performance Monitoring and analysis of solar power plants have become extremely important in our present scenario. This is because of the increased operation and maintenance cost coupled with reducing yield due to performance degradation of PV Modules. To ensure Maximum performance, Minimum downtime and fault detection and correction of a solar PV power plant during its entire lifecycle, it has become necessary to use a ccentralised monitoring & control system.

A quest for a reliable Stand-alone Solar Power Plant Monitoring solution ends here. Whizminds presents Intellilogs a custom engineered Solar Power Plant Monitoring solution to meet your all your Power Plant Monitoring needs. Intellilogs is Developed, deployed, and supported by our dedicated team of solar power experts.

We have successfully deployed Intellilogs for a wide variety of solar power projects, ranging from rooftop systems up to Megawatt Scale grid tied solar power plants.

Benefits of Intellilogs:

  • Intellilogs allow users to access power plant’s vital parameters through the Its web or mobile interface, with no need for cumbersome VPN logins
  • Intellilogs is easy to integrate with any infrastructure and can be fully customised for your site
  • The software interface for the Intellilogs has been created specifically for quick analysis of solar PV systems
  • The Plant Admin feature set enables users to remotely maintain a full portfolio of SCADA system assets
  • Maintenance, support, and upgrades for the system may also be completed remotely

Whizminds can also integrate Intellilogs Monitoring platform with third party utility control systems, giving users the advantages of our enterprise-level software solution for remote asset management of a full portfolio.

We work with our clients to understand their requirements and customise control solutions to meet their specific needs.

Some key considerations:

  • What control/curtailment in functionality is required?
  • Define data granularity/sampling frequency.
  • Does control system integration need with the utility?
  • Do you need HMI?


  • Monitors & Controls Inverter, String Performance, and Electrical Networks
  • Highly scalable and distributed architecture
  • Trends, Alarms, Events logging
  • Real Time Dashboards/ KPIs and Reporting
  • Clubbing of multiple Plants Data as per customer’s choice
  • Defined formulas and applies rules to the parameters measured to obtain efficiencies, trends, performance ratios and estimation of losses at the solar plant
  • Extensive periodic reporting.