Engagement Model

Every client has a different engagement model to deal with their software development procedure. We offer various engagement models to choose from, to accelerate client’s software development lifecycle, but also contribute to the net profit of their organization considerably. we believe in continuous communication with our clients whether it is about the requirements or deciding on the appropriate engagement model for development. Following are a few models that we offer for our clients to select from, and discuss them in details.

Fixed Bid Model:

This model is the Suitable for the clients who come with a fixed set of development requirements. The client gives requirement document and we Propose a price for it. After the consent on the timeline for each phase of the development we set milestones and payment terms then we start with our development process. This model won’t allow smooth integration of any additions or future changes in the defined requirement.

Time and Material Model:

If Client has flexible and changing requirements, then this is the best model. It is suitable for the clients who have varied requirements, which they want us to work based on the priority of it. However, the set of requirements may change, modify, or be discarded along with the expansion of the project. We work on this model based on the requirements of the client and bill them for the hours spent on the project.

Offshore Development Centre Model:

In this model, the client hires dedicated resource from our development centre or a team of experts in various technologies. Each team has a hierarchy of responsibilities and tasks. Every team has a Team Leader and Project Manager. They constantly work with the client to keep the development process smooth. Whether client’s requirement is of application development or minor changes, we are always available to serve our clients with the best offshore engagement model to make it worth client’s investment.