Big Data Analytics Services In India

Big Data is a huge collection Data and the analysis of that data is not possible with normal DBMS systems. it also requires next generation data analytics and visualisation. Every day we generate a huge volume of data – much of it coming from sources like retail transactions, weblogs, Financial and Banking Transactions, RFID, Industrial and Weather sensors networks, social media, Mobile and Landline call detail records, e-commerce, medical records, Geo Locations Data and more. This “Big Data” has following Aspects:

• Very Large Volumes of Data:  Measured in terabytes or petabytes and more

• Variety:  Can be Structured or Unstructured

• High Velocity:   High Pace of Data Change

With the advent of new technologies, we are able to get meaningful information out of these varied data sources. Big Data Analytics provides us with an opportunity to find business insights into new emerging data. It can help answer key business questions in real-time.

Whizminds Innologix Pvt. Ltd. offers consulting implementation, and support services in Big Data Analytics. Our Big Data Services Offers:

Big Data Consulting:

• Evaluation of technology and opting the Correct platform

• Architecture Design and Definition

• Prototyping & Benchmarking

 Big Data Implementation:

• Installing and Configuring the environment for Big Data
• Developing applications
• Analytics Application Development like weblogs analysis or social media analysis etc.

Big Data Support:

• Hadoop Cluster Monitoring and Management
• Performance optimization